The Barn is a Christian fellowship whose purpose is:

  • to enjoy and love God and seek to glorify God through all we are and do
  • to growingly practice agape love with the help of the Holy Spirit everywhere God puts us
  • to reveal Jesus Christ in as many creative, life giving ways as possible that others might come to know the forgiveness and compassion of God through Christ and experience the joy of loving and serving Jesus Christ
  • to be a bridge between the generations, cultural shifts and emerging paradigms
  • to learn to be God’s agents of reconciliation as we feed on Jesus
  • to particularly show God’s compassion to the least, last and unlikely
  • to engage the journey of faith in intergenerational community, sharing our stories, lives and resources

The Barn’s Credo is: LOVE WINS

The Barn exhibits this credo through these values: baLance, hOpe, creatiVity, a safEplace, groW, communIty, hoNesty, all neighborS

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