This team provides leadership in planning, selecting, recruiting, and administrating our small group series throughout the year.  In addition, some of the team members serve as small group facilitators, helping to teach and/or lead stimulating discussions and dialogue.
Do you have a desire to help create a variety of small group opportunities for the Barn community that vary in location, topic, size and length of time together?  Would you like to consider leading a group of 8-12 folks invested in integrating faith and life, being real and authentic together, and sharing life struggles and joys? Contact

Gifts/Talents/Passsions of Small Group Team:

  • Interest in spiritual development/formation or relational community
  • Some possess organizational/administrative skills
  • ability/willingness to brainstorm
  • desire to aid community in building community through small groups

Gifts/Talents/Passions of Small Group Facilitators:

  • Hospitality – ability to help group members feel welcomed abd encouraged to participate
  • Servant Leadership – willingness to journey with people