“Be” Attitudes

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The Beatitudes – Attitudes of being that God wants us to take deeply into our lives so that we can experience life to the full. As we go deeper into their meaning, we discover Jesus turns our perspective upside down.




5/24/2015 – Blessed are the poor in spirit

5/31/2015 – Blessed are those who mourn

6/7/2015 – Blessed are the meek

6/14/2015 – Blessed are those who hunger for righteousness

6/21/2015 – Blessed are the mericful

6/28/2015 – Blessed are the pure of heart

7/5/2015 – Blessed are the peacemakers

7/12/2015 – Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake

7/19/2015 – Blessed are those who are insulted falsely

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