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We will dance with our loving God who cares enough to teach his beloved creation how to navigate life so that they might enjoy “life to the full” and taste heaven…here…now!




During this sermon series, we will look at the ten commandments. We need to understand that they were meant to keep us from slavery and point us toward freedom, and that the law should be seen as great teachings of a loving God and not rules of a mean judge. Really important to our study of these great teaches is that they were meant for NOW, so that God’s people might taste heaven here….now.

Each week we will be offered a challenge to consider:


…and only

“You shall have no other gods before me.”

  1. Create in your schedule a time to spend with God DAILY. (Increase the amount of time if you already do this.)
  2. Don’t allow anything to interfere with this time…
  3. Talk with God about some things that attempt to be the #1 position in your life…and your desire for God to be in the #1 position. If you aren’t there yet, pray for the desire to desire to make God #1 in your life.
  4. Consider what the implications are for you to perhaps have to change some things in your schedule in order for you to give God first billing.
  5. Begin to implement these changes.



“You shall not make idols.”

  1. Take note of the things you obsess over…whom you look to as your heroes/heroines…who gets your attention..what or whom do you revere…whom or what you devote your time and devotion to…
  2. Reflect…ask yourself why? What do they have to offer? Does God offer this but even more?
  3. Take time to talk with God about what the voids are in your life that cause you to give these things/people more attention than they rightfully deserve.
  4. Ask God to reveal to you ways to make God first in your life so that you don’t end up wasting time/energy/money on people that offer that which they can’t ultimately deliver.



“You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.”

  1. Listen/observe around you how God’s name is used…by others and by you.
  2. Do you protect God’s reputation? Are you God’s ambassador in the way you speak of God, live your life, things you say?
  3. How could you treat God in a more holy, special, hallowed way?
  4. What is one way that you can more intentionally protect God’s reputation? DO it!

Sabbath Day

“Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy.”

Dallas Willard says, “The command is ‘Do no work.'” One day this week:

  1. Just make space.
  2. Attend to what is around you.
  3. learn that you don’t have to DO to BE.
  4. Accept the grace of doing nothing.
  5. Stay with it until you stop jerking and squirming.

On Sunday, you are invited to share any insight you gain.

Honor your father and mother

If you have living parents, find a way to honor them this week.  If your parents are dead, find a way to honor a person in your life who is like a parent to you…a role model, a faith model.

If you are a parent, find a way to model love to your family this week.

Thou shall not kill.

  • Consider someone with whom you are really angry — maybe you even hold a degree of rage toward this person…
  • Write your thoughts out to process them
  • Pray with the Spirit’s help through your thoughts until you can approach the person with restoration in mind…not rage
  • Seek help/council if you are not able to get there



  • If you are married or have a significant partner, ask yourself if you are adulterating your relationship with another or something? Ask them if they feel you are.
  • If you are not committed to another, ask yourself this same question about your relationship to God.
  • Own it: Seek forgiveness and make amends  OR celebrate the faithfulness of your relationship

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