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About The Barn!


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Our Mission Statement: The Barn community longs to be a truly welcoming, diverse, and safe community that invites anyone to explore, encounter and grow in God’s amazing love. We’re attempting to be real and authentic with one another as we learn together how to be more loving in our relationships with one another and God. We believe that knowing God, especially as revealed by Jesus, alters a person’s life and makes them want to make a positive difference in the world by the way they live their lives and treat their neighbors.
Our Vision Statement: Rooted in community, growing toward God, reaching out to neighbor.

Our Credo: Love Wins!

Our Gatherings:
The Gathering is our Sunday morning worship. We are a non-traditional faith community that uses the arts, dialogue, and interaction in our worship. The Gathering connects our hearts, minds, and spirits to the God who invites us into relationship.
When you arrive at the Swain school, there is plenty of parking. There are handicapped spaces near the main entrance. There is a parking lot greeter to help show you the way and answer any questions you might have.

All are welcome to join us for prayer circle at 9:30. We have coffee and refreshments available at 9:45 am. You can come as you are comfortable for worship. Bring your coffee.

We have childcare for our Wiggle Worms (for babies up through kindergarten age). For our elementary age children, we have a small lesson each morning at the beginning of the Gathering. Then, children are invited to join the Gathering during worship with worksheets and crafts. Our middle school and high school youth participate in the Gathering, and they have youth group on Sunday evenings.