Our Mission Statement: The Barn community longs to be a truly welcoming, diverse, and safe community that invites anyone to explore, encounter and grow in God’s amazing love. We’re attempting to be real and authentic with one another as we learn together how to be more loving in our relationships with one another and God. We believe that knowing God, especially as revealed by Jesus, alters a person’s life and makes them want to make a positive difference in the world by the way they live their lives and treat their neighbors.

Our Vision Statement: Rooted in community, growing toward God, reaching out to neighbor.

Our Credo: LOVE WINS!


Our Gatherings:  
The Gathering is our Sunday morning worship. We are a non-traditional faith community that uses the arts, dialogue, and interaction in our worship. The Gathering connects our hearts, minds, and spirits to the God who invites us into relationship.

When you arrive to the building, there is plenty of parking. There are handicapped spaces near the Downyflake Lane entrance. There is a parking lot greeter to help show you the way and answer any questions you might have.

All are welcome to join us for prayer circle at 9:30.  We have coffee and refreshments available at 9:45 am. You can come as you are comfortable for worship. Bring your coffee.

We have childcare for our Wiggle Worms (for babies up through kindergarten age). For our elementary age children, we have a small lesson each morning at the beginning of the Gathering. Then, children are invited to join the Gathering during worship with worksheets and crafts. Our middle school and high school youth participate in the Gathering, and they have youth group on Sunday evenings.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about The Barn:

What is The Barn?

The Barn is a faith community located in Allentown, PA that serves and partners within the Lehigh Valley…and beyond!

How are you different than other churches?

We are a non-traditional, emergent, missional faith community that has a focus on worship, faith formation, arts, and serving our neighbors. We engage in interactive, dialogical, arts-centered worship that seeks to connect the head and the heart of all who attend. Unlike many established churches we do not own a church building, but we instead use the majority of our resources to walk alongside our neighbors.

Who are your ministers?

We believe everyone are leaders and participants in the collective journey of our faith.

Who attends The Barn and will I fit in?

Yes you will fit in! We believe everyone is a child of God and everyone is welcome to visit with our community. You will be accepted at The Barn….no matter what you believe! We welcome people of various religions, nationalities, ages, races, sexual orientations, gender identities, social statuses, and varying levels of ableness.

Do I have to belong to your denomination to attend?

No. The Barn includes people who have experiences with various religions, denominations, and faith traditions. While we are a “fellowship” of the Presbyterian Church USA, you do not need to belong to this denomination to participate at The Barn.

Do I have to be a member of The Barn to attend events?
No. We don’t even use the language of “members.” Anyone who attends a Barn event is a “participant” and you are invited to participate with us, or not participate, as you see fit.

What is The Gathering?
The Gathering is our Sunday morning worship.

Are children welcome at The Barn and at The Gathering?
Yes! The Barn has children’s programs that occur on Sunday mornings: Wiggle Worms (ages birth up to kindergarten) and Faithful Friends (children in 1st to 5th grades). Children and youth are also welcomed to participate in our Gatherings, and at any intergenerational Barn event.

Do you have to dress up to attend your worship service?
No. Come as you are, come comfortably.

What kind of things do you do in your worship service?
The Gathering includes music, various forms of artistic expressions, and dialogical messages. Our worship encourages the use of all of our human senses and is often participatory.

What happens after your worship services?
After our Gatherings, we have another time of fellowship where all are encouraged to have a beverage and/or snack. As our worship space is a rented space, many of our participants also assist with teardown and cleanup.

What kind of educational/spiritual growth opportunities do you offer?
We offer a variety of opportunities including various small groups and teams. We invite you to explore some of our teams on this website to learn more.

What kind of outreach is The Barn involved in?
We have an active Neighbors Matter team that connects us with a variety of neighbors, partners, non-profit groups, faith groups, initiatives, and/or ministries.

Why do you believe LOVE WINS?
The Barn believes God IS love, that God has created us in love, that God encourages us to love ourselves, and that God encourages us to love ALL of our neighbors.